How To Prepare For IBPS Prelims English Paper?

How To Prepare For IBPS Prelims English Paper?

It might be because English is a foreign language, that in any exam the fear and concern over English paper is high. Nowhere lies a difference when it comes to the IBPS exams. English comes from the very first round i.e., Prelims session of IBPS exam. It aims to test the fluency and comfort level of a student with a language like English.

So here is stating simple approaches and strategies that will make English of IBPS prelims session an easy challenge for you: English Paper Pattern in IBPS Prelims session In IBPS Prelims exam, English section, there are 30 questions categorized into the following :

Question TypeNumber of questions
Reading Comprehension10
Cloze Test5
Sentence Correction5
Spot the error5
Fill in the blanks5
Para jumbles5

Time Allotment for English section of IBPS Prelims exam: While well versed students can finish the English section of IBPS Prelims exam is maximum 15 minutes, the weak students might require more time. The time management for English section of IBPS Prelims exam entirely depends on the students ability, knowledge and promptness. Number of questions to solve The total number of English questions to solve in IBPS Prelims exam is 30. However students often wonder how many English questions they have to answer correctly in order to bag the qualifying mark. The minimum number of questions to solve and attain qualified marks in the English section of IBPS exam is around 17-18. When to solve the English section of IBPS Prelims exam? If English is the weakest section for you in the entire IBPS Prelims exam, then you should start with English only. Students who are confident about the English section of IBPS Prelims session, can come to this after Quant and Reasoning section. Students are recommended to solve IBPS Prelims mock tests and previous year papers to build an understanding of which section they would solve when, during IBPS Prelims exam. Topics to cover for IBPS Prelims English section : Vocabulary Homonyms, synonyms, antonyms, sentence completion, word formation etc. Comprehension Questions Grammar Spelling Sentence Voice Indirect-direct speech. Articles Prepositions Modifiers Conjunctions Interjections Clause and phrases Parts of Speech Infinitives Phrases and idioms Tense Sentence Improvement Punctuation Sentence Construction Word Meanings Nouns Spotting Error Questions One Word Substitution Pronouns Adjectives Fill in the Blanks Verbs.

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