In Australia, couples will breed artificial intelligence

In Australia, couples will breed artificial intelligence

Australia has an app that “fairly” allocates rights, responsibilities, and property in a divorce. The country’s authorities recommended using the tool instead of overloaded ships.

Amica’s new app uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help divorce couples fairly and separate their assets. The creators of the service note that the coronavirus pandemic has put even the strongest relationships to the test. A May poll by Relationships Australia found that 42% of the 739 respondents experienced negative changes in their relationships with travel restrictions.

The Australian government has supported the use of Amica for those trying to divorce but do not understand how to distribute responsibilities and property fairly. The chat uses artificial intelligence (AI) to suggest options for how couples can split their money and property depending on the circumstances.

According to the Amica website, it “reviews the legal principles and applies them to your circumstances.” In other words, the software relies on an array of data (collected and embedded by developers) from similar past cases.

The service’s creators explained that the Australian family law system is overwhelmed, leading to long delays in divorce decisions. Litigation is also costly and complex family law cases can cost each party over $200,000.

Artificial intelligence tools like Amica and Adieu allow couples to solve problems on their own and avoid the slow and costly litigation. This is especially true for couples considering divorce amid coronavirus restrictions.

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